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Combining the amazing visual perspectives of paintings From visionary artist Psynunnaki, lycra, leds, lasers, laser cutters and string arts with spectacular geometrical and 3 dimensional structures, we take you on a journey through wonderland and stimulate your senses.

With our (fluorescent) artistical decoration we create an ambiental energy at your event, which has a huge influence on all the people on the dancefloor and is for that, a very important part of your event.

The ambiental energy in combination with the music creates the general feeling amongst the public.

To stimulate this feeling and bring unity among the people, our artists create the designs for roofs, Dj booth’s and all-round decoration in your theme, style and budget.

with influences from all over the globe and these unique combinations we create a unforgettable experience for everybody.


The roof of the dancefloor is one of the most important deco parts of your event.
Under this roof is where most of your event will gather, stimulates unity within the people and is designed to set the theme of the decoration within.The impressive static organical and symmetrical desings, in the forms of mandalas, fractals, stars or symbols creating a breathtaking effect, and are designed to give an optimal psychedelic experience.The sizes, colours, forms or paintings are made fitting to any place, style and budget.


Dj Booth

The  next important place of your event is the Dj Booth, most of the attention of the public is on the Dj and for that, one of the most seen places of the event.

Besides the attention it is also the place which needs to stimulate the dj energeticaly so he has the energy to move all and everyone of his public. To create the most impressive sensation we based our (fluorescent) lycras, string arts and paintings every time differently on sacred geometry like the flower of life, ancient symbols and subliminal messages.



Event decoration in and outdoor (festivals, parties, weddings, corporate events etc.)
Roofs, Dj booth, Entrance, chill outs,  projection screens, all over details.
With paintings, string arts, lycras, painted lycras, leds, textiles and 3d constructions

Bars, Chill outs, restaurants, lounges and other long term places in and outdoor
with paintings (wall paintings or backdrops), lycras (any desirable colour or painted), leds, textiles and constructions


  • Pre made themes. Please contact us and we will inform you with our momentary themes for rent.
  • Custom made themes fitting to your style and budget. Send us a email with your idea and we will contact you for further info and possibilities.


Combine our decoration possibilities with graphic design in the same theme, our varite in music styles by our djs and producers from Sumeria Records, breathtaking fire/light shows or make it really unforgettable with the visuals and adapted mapping from HYPNOTICA! Contact us for our special offers.