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Creating decoration and working with music al-mostly everyday, we often have a live exposition of our arts and music in several events during the year.

Some of them we create in closed and garden venues like some Shambala┬┤s, others on the beachl, open air, most of them in Ibiza or together with other collectives and venues.

We try to express as much aspects of our beings as possible and there will be as many events all over the globe, check our calendar for what and where!

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Shambala is the name of a land, which has been shimmering in other dimensions for centuries, and sought after by many.

Its the name of a portal to a parallel dimension, which we will visualize every time again in a new magical surrounding and theme, to stimulate consciousness and awareness in a wondrous ambient.
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Created, to stimulate our scene, join the trance family and for artists a fluorescent wonderland to express their musical message.

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Jungle visions