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Sumeria Productions

In the winter of 2008 the life lines of some strangers came together on a little island called Ibiza, some already lived here all there lives others came from countries all over the world, from south America to the Netherlands and all in between. They shared a vision, a motivation, an experience, and this experience taught them to see the world from another point of view.They believed the world was a breathtaking place full of magic and wonders happening all the time, that we are made of energy and generate a powerful vibration which is reflected in and influenced by colours, we learn from crystals, the dew drops in the morning and the fractals in flowers.

But Above all of this we shared one very big thing something very very deep inside all of us.

It was created for everybody on a different place in the world far away from each other, we danced! we danced at the most incredible music, with the most incredible people in the most amazing places in the world with our eyes closed and our hearts filled with love and emotion a flow of energy in a active meditation fractalised with the beauty of the world!

This memory of the overwhelming sounds as a guide through the soundscapes of genius artists set in a stimulated ambience of fluorescent wisdom from the essence of our being, that was what really bound them.

They all had their roads of art and music behind them and joining their visions they created their first meetings and reunions, long nights of colours, paintings, philosophies, reasons, music and laughing, not that life is always easy, but the way you look at it is what it makes!

during the next years many parties where created, decorated, and played at! as the nights full of art creation, also stimulated the music which had to be good to work at and the Djs and musicians worked as hard on the colours as on the music, which after a while created a very divers team of good friends able to create with as less as possible a nice party wherever, djs, deco, transport, etc. everybody their quality!


Since then more and more art nights have been there, projects created, parties made, constructions designed, festivals lived, tracks finished, works done, and after some years sumeria was a Fact!

After some bigger projects they wanted to be able to express their evolution and see all the family, friends and to celebrate life at least once a month! They started Psytrance Frequency, every month in a possibility that appeared, and later even made some great ones in Mallorca with the Psyara brothers and sisters!


Meanwhile in Ibiza the Sumerios who stayed there created the party Shambala as an expression of a small little bubble fromĀ  another dimension, as shamble was an old myth about a country who left this dimension, they thought it would be a great name.
Shambala grew every month a little bit and after some other great projects on the road we where able to create more nice deco for Shambala and with the works around invest in new colours, music and shared experience!

Sumeria in the meantime learned to function as a collective with members not always in the same place, and traveling to the upcoming gigs, which was a great evolution.

After the creation of Shambala in Novembre 2011 Sumeria only took a more stabile form and for over 2 years of Shambalas and many more different events abroad we hopefully keep on Surprising our public friends and family everytime again with a newer, more inventive, and different bubble then the one before!