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BlazingNoise: Portugal

Style Description: Nigth Fullon, Psytrance and Twiligth Trance


Blazing Noise is an exciting, brand new Project; born and currently residing in Lisbon..  This fresh new project was initiated at the end of 2009, with its main aim to bring some change to the monoculture of the psychedelic scene that is popular in Portugal.

The aim of the “Blazing Noise project” is to offer something new and psychedelic; not the usual monotonous mainstream sounds that we hear in mainstream culture at present. The Music is a perfect mix of melodies and strong effects, which creates pure, true,
and psychedelic music, which evokes people in to dancing and invites them to travel through their minds in a fanatic frenzy of pleasure all night long; all united in a deep induced state of trance.

In 3 year a lot of work and progression to “Blazing Noise project” has taken place and he releases all histracks made this year in 4 V.A´s for: Biomechanix Records, from Mexico, Free Mind Records from Portugal and Climatic Records from England.

In June 2011 Blazing Noise come with his first Ep “Human behavior” from Biomechanix Rec, In March of 2012 Blazing Noise signs for Crystal Matrix label from Portugal.

He already played in big partys and festivals around the world, in countrys like Netherlands, Italy and India withsome of good artists also like Furious, CrazyAstraunaut, Orca, Rastaliens, Khopat, Vibe Tribe, Spade, and more.

In june 2012 he makes his first India Tour where he play in places like Goa, Banglore and Mumbai. Also in 2012 Blazing Noise realease some tracks in a few label compilations.

In October 2012 he Releases his first Album “Ring of Fire” by Biomechanix Records.

Links and contact:

“Human Behavior” 2011 Ep link

“Ring of Fire” 2012 Album Link

Facebook Link