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Diplodocus: Ibiza/Bulgary

Style description: Psygressive, Night-Fullon, Forest Psytrance


Stani Georgiev aka Diplodocus is a young talented Dj born in Bulgaria, but grew up on the island Ibiza .

It all started in 2010 helping to decorate and participate with the family forest parties where he discovered psychedelic trance and his passion for it . There he realized that psychedelic music was what inspired him on the music culture and he decided to involve him self in the psytrance scene of the island. After two years in the scene he started mixing he’s own sets on several nice indoor and outdoor parties.

In 2013 he joined Sumeria Records helping them organizing events on the island and others parties and festivals around the world.

Heavily influenced by electronic music, he likes to mix Psygressive (130 – 140 bpm), Full on-night and Forest trance (145 – 155 bpm).