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Galactivation: Spain/Argentina

Style description: Psytrance, Night fullon, Psy chill.


Galactivation is Federico Leborans, an artist born in Argentina but now living in Ibiza, Spain.
The fire of music touched him at the age of 14, when he started to play guitar and research into that infinite wellspring of possibilities. In 2002 he discovered psy-trance and forthwith started to walk that path which main goal is to increase awareness, using the music and the hiperdimensional power of sound.
Inspired by the Universe and all its manifestations , combining the influences from every kind of art he expresses his music like a poetic journey through holographic landscapes from micro to macro cosmos, looking for the equilibrium between groovy – dark basslines and atmospheres , intelligent sounds and synesthetic melodies that takes you back to the origins of sound: pure frequencies and vibrations. All harmoniously organised to reflect a powerfull dancefloor experience!