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Shriniva: Ibiza/Netherlands

Style description: Morning, Night, Day, Psy, Prog Psytrance, Goa, Psychill and some minimal


Rabten A.k.a Shriniva , was born in october 1988 in the Netherlands.

He followed a waldorf education for 15 years which gave him a wide artistic impression in many forms and styles of art, from music and theater to painting and drawing.

He started singing in a choir, where he got a four year intensive music education of classical and gregoarian music, which later became very usefull in his music career.

After his highschool, he left the Netherlands and for some years now, he lives in Ibiza a little white island in the Meditaranean sea, which has a well known artistic background.

Here he evolved his music and artistical qualities and created with his clossest friends the collective Sumeria.

From the winter off 2008 off a new era started fueled by a strong psytrance passion and motivated by many well known artists, like Sola, U-Recken, Tribal Tul, Imox Maya, Cirkasvisuel and many others, a series of unforgettable parties started in the campos of Ibiza and the Sumeria family was a fact.

Many parties where decorated and music flew in from many countries.

In the years 2009 and 2010 Sumeria only evolved and our artistic and musical skills grew everyday.

After decorating many colourfull parties also his music came in a professional line, he started playing in many clubs and soon after this also abroads to friends collectives, festivals, and many parties.

Throughout the years he shared line ups with some of most talented Artists from the scene, and evolved a unique powerfull style of psychedelic full on,with Deep pumping Bass, melodic progressive and dreamy chillout with a variety that reflects a warm summer sunrise of a multicultural sea side.

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Art Director, Imager, Pr and Dj @ Sumeria Productions